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Located in the Central Valley of Maui, Hawaii our mission is to  connect the community with their food through tours, tacos and teaching.

Sarah, MN

This was an unexpected gem - we're SO GLAD we did it. We were first time visitors to Hawaii, and we brought our 13 and 15 year old kids. We went ziplining, whale watching, surfing, to a luau, and snorkeled with turtles, and yet both kids listed this taro farm tour as one of their favorite things of the trip. What these folks are doing is incredible, and you can feel their passion for the land, food security, and sustainable farming on Maui. They served us taro cakes (sweet and savory), taro tea, and random things that were ripe when we walked through the farm. This was probably the best value of everything we did in Maui. And it feels like a hidden gem, because even the locals who asked what we had done on our trip hadn't heard of the farm or the tour, and some said we were the first tourists to ever say we were going on a taro farm tour. GO on this, you won't regret it!

Talia, MI

Highly recommend this unique experience while on Maui! Whitney and Jake were wonderful hosts and treated us like close friends would. We learned a ton and got to taste yummy food along the way. They are dedicated sustainable farmers who are inspiring and engaging! The tea at the end was super yummy too :)
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