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Our Founder, Winsome used her passion for soil health, food security and human connection to create the magic of Lā Kāhea. She loves building biology and enhancing the microbiome of the planet. She can often be found weeding the wild terrain of the Central Valley or practicing/studying the importance of a mindful postural alignment.

Jakke's transition from corporate America led him to Co-found Lā Kāhea. He uses his wicked sharp financial skill set to contribute to regenerating the planet! His attention to thoughtful detail in business, design, communication and bread baking are only a few reasons why we love him so! Swing by the farm and check out some of his agricultural projects and designs! 

Whitney (Co-founder) comes to us from a robust background in hospitality. Her loving smile, hard work ethic and positive attitude towards life makes her such a special member of our team. Her kindness is only outweighed by her next level chef skills! If Whit isn't in the kitchen, she can most likely be found going for long walks, weeding our plant babies and jammin' out to some groovy tunes. 


Lā Kāhea Community Farm's 10 acres is positioned on a 300 acre conservation easement in the heart of Waikapu on the island of Maui, Hawaii. For over 140 years, the former sugarcane and pineapple land was farmed by agriculture corporations using degenerative methods. This left the landscape void of diverse biological life essential for nutrient dense crops to thrive.


Today, the easement is managed by Hawaii Taro Farm and supports over 12 different farming operations including conventional, transitioning and regenerative farmers, all existing together with a shared effort to feed the local community.


At Lā Kāhea, our mission is centered around education. Agriculture, Community, Sustainability and Spirituality are our pillars of focus. We advocate/highlight ways to create regenerative change in our world by providing a positive environment and fun opportunities for people to connect and engage with the land and each other.

We participate daily in creating diverse ecosystems and growing nutrient dense perennial and annual Hawaiian canoe crops for our community. Our dedication also lies in assisting farmers and gardeners in their transition away from chemical farming practices. We invite you to support us in our sustainability efforts by visiting our Earthship inspired, up cycled farm dwelling during one of our weekly tours or workshops. 


In Hawaiian, Kāhea means "to call in the light”; we take that to heart and strive to embody it every day. Our team is made up of the next generation of land stewards and we hope to be a model for others as they transition towards the light. The work we do each day to heal the ‘Āina (land) is a spiritual practice for us and we invite you to join us on the journey.

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