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Who We Are

Once upon a time (in 2020), in a land far, far away (Maui, Hawaii), three friends had an epiphany: they could save the world with two things - regenerative farming and tortillas! Yep, tortillas. They knew it was a crazy idea, but they were convinced that food could be a force for good, for both the land and the people.


So, they started Level Up Foods, a food company like no other. They only use superior ingredients that are grown and harvested using organic farming practices. No herbicides, no pesticides, no gross stuff, just pure deliciousness.


Their flagship product, Maui Torts, is a gluten-free tortilla that's not only good for you but actually tastes amazing! Say adios to tortillas that crack, crumble, and leave you in a hot mess. These babies are sturdy, nutrient-packed, and full of flavor.


Level up your food game and help save the world, join the Maui Torts revolution today!

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